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Essays For My Muse by Rose Strailo
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Various essay like articles on various subjects.
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Essays For My Muse by Rose Strailo
S - Safe Content
Various essay like articles on various subjects.

Welcome to The Non-Fiction Library!
Welcome to The Authors Haunt Non-Fiction Library, a section of the site established not only to provide you with reference material related to The Authors Haunt, but to provide readers with a range of non-fiction articles and essays produced by our authors.

The software used to create our Non-Fiction Library is the same as the software used in The Vault, with a few little modifications. This means that if you are familiar with how The Vault works, it shouldn't be too hard to work out how to use the Non-Fiction Library (and vice versa).

We also use a common member database for both sections, so if you have an account for The Vault, you can log in here using the same information. If you register for an account in one, you are immediately registered for both.

The Non-Fiction Library is divided into four core categories - Member Resources, Non-Fiction, Recipe Book and Reference.

In the Member Resources section you will find articles of interest to our four core member groups - authors, beta readers, editors and readers.

In the Non-Fiction section you will find articles and essays on a range of subjects, some informative, some entertaining.

In the Recipe Book you will find recipes from our members for a range of dishes, including dedicated sections for vegetarians and vegans. Please review our "Submitting a Recipe" article in the main Recipe Book section to learn how to add your recipes properly.

The Reference section contains information about the site itself submitted by the Site Administrator and senior staff. Members cannot contribute to this section.

If you have any questions about the Non-Fiction Library, please contact Rob Hawes.

Disclaimer: Articles in the non-fiction section represent the views of the authors of said articles, and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Authors Haunt, its management or members.