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The Authors Haunt was established on August 4th, 2008 and officially opened on December 1st, 2008 as a site dedicated to showcasing the best fiction and poetry by the most talented online authors. Offering a number of features other online writing sites can't or won't provide, the site immediately became one of the leading sites for online writing.

The Authors Haunt was actually the second incarnation of a format conceived by owner Rob Hawes. The original site, The Hub, was established in January 2007 and opened on August 1st of that same year. However, after a year of serious difficulties, including problems with other sites and a devastating dispute between the co-owners of the site, The Hub closed on July 3rd 2008. Not wishing to abandon his vision for a quality writing site, and anxious to learn from the mistakes of the past, Rob Hawes announced his intention to create a new site on August 4th, 2008.

The underlying premise of the site was simple - a writing site that hosted only the best online writers. However, Rob wanted to create a site that not only embraced quality writing, but which helped encourage it by providing a wealth of resources and support for authors. He established an Accredited Editor program to ensure authors had at their disposal skilled, trained editors. He established a resources section and peer support forum, as well as a workshop and a range of Writing Projects.

To further distinguish itself from the many other writing sites on the Net, Rob established his own ebook publishing house - Ah! Publishing - allowing his Resident Authors, as well as authors elsewhere, to publish their own ebooks and sell them through the site. Unlike many other ebook publishing sites, Rob ensured that the majority of the profits from each sale went to the authors, with the site covering publishing and sale costs and making a modest profit to contribute towards the running cost of the site.

In addition to being the owner of the site, Rob Hawes is also an author and editor who has been active in online fiction circles since December 2005. He is also a published author who has been writing novels, short stories and articles as both a fiction writer and journalist since 1992, when he was just fourteen years old.

Together with his team of dedicated staff and volunteers, and with the support of his wife, best friend and soulmate Alicia, Rob hopes to continue running The Authors Haunt for many years to come, growing the site and Community to embrace a new generation of readers and authors.